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My name should be Mimi

because this is a meme post!

1. Doublemint gum by Wrigley's is pretty good.

2. "Reality is only a thin veil masking the unlimited possibilities of the imagination." - Andrew W.K.

3. Guys, seriously, Dee Dee is really awesome.

4. But Catty is awesomest ever!

5. Is it just me or does Buckethead need a new album?

6. "Entourage" is a pretty addictive show, especially when you have the entire second season on HBO On Demand to your disposal.

7. I got a new printer today, a Canon iPixma 5000, it is fucking NICE!

8. I have been chewing the aforementioned gum for way too long now. It doesnt even taste good anymore, and hasn't for hours, and now my mouth is getting tired. Yet, I can't stop chewing.

9. I should have bought more Men's Pocky when I was in New York City :(

10. Oh damn I just remembered I had some homework to study and its 1:02 AM.

11. QBasic is an extremely fun and simple programming language. I enjoy it, especially programming Ramones songs into it to play during Java class.

12. Dropping math and science senior year was a great decision.

13. 20 is more than I thought it would be.

14. When was the last time anbody you know played freeze tag?

15. Attention: Ridata technology company, I would appreciate it if you started manufacturing 4x DVD+R's instead of discontinuing them for 8x ones and jacking up the price. Lame, dudes.

16. Older High School Student: Hey man, where is the Pitt (University of Pittsburgh) party, tonight?
Young High School Student: Anywhere and everywhere, man.
Me: Man, that's fuckin' stupid.

17. A kid's leg got ran over at my school yesterday afternoon, as he was walking across the street. The bone got pretty shattered. I didn't see it but I heard he was screaming like crazy and his bones were at 90 degrees to each other (the wrong direction, probably)

18. A sleeping, stretched out, ferret is pretty cute. So is one sleeping in a hammock with the look on his face saying "Aw yeah, I got the hammock, guys."

19. I haven't watched the newest episodes of The Simpsons or Family Guy yet. I should get on that.

20. It's so hot. It's so the middle of September. What the f, earth?

I tag anybody who wants to do it, especially if you are cool.
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