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Clink Clink Clank Clank

Aw yeah! I haven't posted in a while and now it is the summer and wow where did the time go? I really do want to keep up a journal so I think I am going to make an effort to do that this time.

So since I haven't posted here in a while, here is what I have been up to:

-- Last April I attended the Pittsburgh Comicon as a guest and was selling 2 DVDs, one a complete collection of the 3 "Brock" titles that my friend Sam and I have made and also a compilation of the rest of the Flipside works. We had a super fun time at the 'con (Catty came! :D) and we managed to sell SEVEN DVDs!! That may seem like not a lot, but seriously, that's pretty decent for some kids with absolutely no notoriety.

-- This past May Catty came for almost 2 weeks and it was amazing! We went to Youth Invasion at the Warhol museum, the event that I worked on for several months and it was pretty fun. We spent the whole time she was visiting together and it really was great. Her mom came up towards the end of the week, and on the Friday night of that week, we had our Prom! That was a bunch of fun too, especially dancing to Third Eye Blind's "Deep Inside of You." Best song of the night, no doubt. We also got delicious food from a Greek Food Festival and that was super yummy. Also, we went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and that too was a really fun time. The whole trip was AWESOME!! You can check out some pics of it at her journal at skankykiwi

-- I went up to Philadelphia recently for the UPA Pennsylvania State Ultimate Championship tournament. My team, one of the 8 teams representing the 20 teams of Pittsburgh, were seeded 13/16 (not too good). However, we came out with a really sweet spot! Tied for 7th place, we beat our seed by a whole 6 spots. That's fuckin sweet. The weekend was also the last time I played Ultimate with my beloved team of the past for years, AFRO. :(

-- I graduated from high school last weekend! Yeah, that whole thang is over for me, and it feels pretty cool. I'm going to the Maryland Institute College of Art next year, so that will also be pretty cool. My senior year of high school was the best and I had a ton of fun and a minimal amount of work to do (dropping math and science = best idea ever). This summer is looking to be a lot of fun too.

Sooo that about wraps up what I have been up to in a VERY small nutshell. Does it sound like I am having a whole lot of fun? It came off that way when I was writing this. Whatev though, I definitely am having a lot of fun.

I'm going to the Adirondacks again at the end of the month and then after that I am going to Catty's house in July for 2 weekends! EEEE! I am so excited!

Lastly, some quick comments:
- Richard Hell & The Voidoids = Fucking sweet, I've just gotten into them
- Andrew W.K. "Close Calls With Brick Walls", out in Japan on July 5. I need it NOW!
- Aw yeah.
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