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Ees my birthday!

YO! I am just kinda sitting here at my computer so I figured I would update my LiveJournal. Catty also suggested that I start blogging more, which I would really love to do. I always just seem to never get around to it!

So today was my birthday! The big 1-8! I can't wait to get arrested for statch and then get the death penalty for it. Gonna be so awesome.

I've been at the beach in Jersey this whole week and the weather has been really nice. Although, these crazy sand flys have been bothering the entire beach for a few days now. They are vicious! Today however, they weren't so bad. We got some nice waves to ride.

I'm going to NYC on Sunday and I am totally excited about that, and then Catty comes in on Thursday and I am even MORE excited about that! :-D

So yeah, I just figured it would be cool to do a quick update. Aw yeah!

PS: The new Andrew W.K. album "Close Calls With Brick Walls" is fucking amazing. It's only available in Japan or Korea, though. It's easy to find on Ebay, too. I HIGHLY recommed it.
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