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So its late and Catty just made a really awesome photo post on her Livejournal and it inspired me to write just a quick update!

I am home from New York City and the beach and I must say the whole trip was great! Definitely relaxing and a lot of fun. I got to see Catty in NYC too and that was AWESOME! You can see tons of great photos from her visit over at her blog:

Check it out!

On another note, ever since Andrew W.K.'s new album "Close Calls With Brick Walls" came out at the beginning of July, I have been OBSESSED with his music. Even moreso than I was before. I now have TWO copies of his rare first EP titled "AWKGOJ" aka 'Girls Own Juice.' It's pretty awesome stuff and I am more into it than ever before. Sadly though, I won't get to see him live this year. He is only playing 1 show in the USA this year and it already happened in Orlando, Florida. Fuck Orlando! Northeast USA all the way! But yeah, Andrew W.K., woo!!

On yet another note, I am going to college in like 10 days to the Maryland Institute College of Art. I am pretty excited but sometimes I just stop and think, "Art school?...What the hell was I thinking?!" But really, if I wasn't doing this, I have no idea what else I would be doing, so I think it makes sense.

Earright, I gotta get to bed. Night!
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