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Wanna try me, gub?

So now that we are all in the full swing of Fall, I think it's a good time to talk about my upcoming plans for the season! Since it is November, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I am totally in the mindframe of TUUURKEEY.

Well not really, but turkey definitely is a delicious prospect. What I am mostly excited about is finally going home! Especially since I can see my kitties! I'm sure they were devastated by my moving away and have most likely been miserable ever since :-( But this year's Thanksgiving weekend, their prayers will be answered!

Just look at the way Buster is admiring my greasy summertime hairdo! He can't waaait for me to come back!

I'll be going to my cousins' house in Buffalo as usual for the actual holiday. One thing that my friends and I have already planned to do on the break is see "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" on its rock-inducing opening night.

I went to Catty's place over my Fall Break in October and we both had a great time! We went to the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday and then spent the rest of the weekend with her friends in the city. It was a really fun time, especially due to the presence of the pug known as Otto! You can check out a ton of great zoo pictures here on Cat's journal.

I'm still having a really great time here at school, too. I really enjoy the company of all the new friends I've made and I get along extraordinarily well with my roommate. We totally formed a band together, acutally. [shameless plug]You can check us out at [/shameless plug].

Oh and by the way, I saw "Borat" this week. Pretty amazing...

...NOT! (No really though, it was a hilarious movie)!
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